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FIFA 17 Earn More Coins By Skillful Timing - Best Investment Time In FUT Transfer Market

2/2/2017 10:43:49 AM

There are several ways to get more coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. Wild buying and selling of players is not worth it. However, if you choose the right time to acquire a card, you can make an impressive profit.

With a successful transaction in FUT it is like in business: It is important to understand the market! You have to offer or buy the right card at the right time. Especially with cards from the Team of the Week (TOTW). The 23 players, so-called Informs, who make this team every week, have increased scores and are available in packs for only seven days. This fact alone drives up its price. But if you hit the right moment, you can make some real bargains.

FIFA 17 Earn More Coins By Skillful Timing - Best Investment Time In FUT Transfer Market

Make the "quick money"
As soon as the new TOTW racks on Wednesday evening, a large number of packs are opened worldwide and new TOTW cards are launched onto the market. Most players want to sell their cards quickly and put the Informs in for a lower immediate purchase price. If, however, a large number of players do so at once, the price drops steadily. As a dealer you can make use of this. For this reason, the TOTW card reaches a first minimum about two hours after publication. This is the time when it is worth to strike and to invest coins. But be careful: once the rewards for FUT Champions are spent during the Donnertags, the price of the players drops significantly. This is because again a large number of packs are opened. A sale should therefore be done before, otherwise you run the risk, even loss. In the case of very valuable informs, which are mostly of a very high valuation and are drawn less frequently, the price does not drop at the beginning. Then you should already at the beginning the card purchase, but still before the rewards sell.

On the page, you can check the lowest instant selling price, even the last few days. On the example of the TOTW card from West Ham player Antonio we looked at the curve once. At the beginning, his price on the PS4 was 32,000 FIFA Coins, but this value fell to 28,000 after two hours. For this price, he could have been purchased by means of immediate purchase, by normal bidding even less. Shortly before the rewards of FUT Champions, on Thursday at 10 o'clock in the evening, his value again stood at 32,000. With the FIFA tax of five percent, Antonio would still have made more than 2,000 coins.

Long-term investments
If you have a little more time and do not want to directly make a profit, Informs can also keep for a longer time in the club. Then it is worthwhile to buy the tickets only between Sunday evening and Monday morning. After the weekend, many players want to get rid of the cards that they used in FUT Champions but did not meet their needs. Here, another minimum is reached and a purchase pays off. In the coming weeks the selling price will fluctuate, but already after three weeks a bigger profit should be achieved. Even more important than the other method is that not only a TOTW card is bought, but a player who is also very popular. Players from the known leagues and above all the Premier League are predestined for this.

Also here we have looked at a curve of Ben Yedder from the past team of the week. Between Sunday and Monday he could be purchased for 45,000 coins. Already, just one week later, its price is already 65,000. The profit minus the FIFA tax is therefore over 15,000 coins.

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