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FIFA 17 Valentines Day Offers – Discounted Packs, Lighting Rounds, Squad Building Challenges

2/9/2017 12:12:00 PM

For celebrating Valentine's Day, EA Sports release FIFA 17 Valentines Day Promotion with several offers on this lovely day. As the offers get better year-on-year in the past Valentines Day Promotion, What special offers we can expect this year? Discounted packs, lightning rounds, brand new squad building challenges may bring surprise to us. In our guide, we will update all the details and offers of FIFA 17 Valentines Day.

FIFA 17 Valentines Day Promotion Offers


FIFA 17 Valentines Day Promotion Release Date/Time

Monday, February 13th to Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 (As you know, Valentines Day is the February 14th of every year, and this year it falls on Tuesday. Generally offers is released for three days around this date.)

FIFA 16 Valentines Day Offers Release Date: Friday, February 12th to Monday, February 14th, 2016.


FIFA 17 Valentines Day Offers

(to be confirmed, we will update the details once offers are available on FUT)

FIFA 17 Valentines Day Discounted Packs/Lighting Rounds

In the FIFA 17 Lunar New Promotion, we have seen 25 half price pack offers, available as a mixture of lightning rounds and standard pack offers. We do think EA Sports will still bring similar offers in store for Valentines Day.

FIFA 17 Valentines Day SBC - Squad Building Challenges

In every FIFA 17 event, usually brand new Squad Building Challenges are released.


FIFA 16 Valentines Day Offers

Discounted 25k Premium Gold Players Packs


FIFA 17 Valentines Day Market Affect

As one of the least known FUT events, price in transfer market will not be affected by the promotion substantially. But the release of discount packs may drive price drop a bit.

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