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Madden Mobile 17 Beat Gauntlet Guide - Best Ways To Beat The Guantlet And Win 99 Julian Edelman

3/30/2017 3:38:50 PM

the madden mobile 2017 march gauntlet master go to 99 ovr julian edelman with 94 spd, 96 acc, 88 car, 87 str, 98 awr, 92 jmp, 98 agi, 97 elu and 94 cat plus 5 catch, this is a great card with great stats. julian edelman is a great player that won a super bowl this year and really deserving of a good card. but if you want to get this card on mut, you have to basically get a bunch of collectibles and then complete a set, and then everytime you complete you get a guantlet runners, once you get 10 players you win julian edelman. basically you have to beat the guantlet event like a thousand times. it is a little bit of daunting, now let's go ahead and talk how you can beat the guantlet?

madden mobile 17 - best ways to beat the guantlet and win 99 julian edelman

how to beat the guantlet? - easy tips/ways to beat gauntlet

follow us to beat the guantlet with below easy and fast methods, it takes 10 stamina to play the event  but the live event gives you 9 stamina back if you lose, so you can complete this event a multiplicity of times without getting super upset at losing all your stamina. now let's go ahead and jump in, we are going to show you some tips and tricks to beat the guantlet.


way 1 - there is a wait method. wait until the ball is "snapped" (i.e.: in the running back's hands) basically you don't want to start running at the hb until the last possible second. the reason is that you want to avoid their fb from blocking your safety. a user tackle from the safety is usually worth at least 160ish coins so it's best to keep that option on the table if you can't break the block. hesitating will also force their hb to go wide because your mlb clogs the center of the field. the wider they go, the better because it means they're taking more time to go less far and that's more coins for you.


way 2 - for inside runs. start as my mlb (kuechly), rush the fb and hit the skill button right when impact happens. if he doesn't have a successful def move and gets by, i switch to my s and try to get the user tackle for more coins. this requires quick reaction time.


way 3 - for outside runs: again start as mlb, try to outrun the fb to the outside. if the fb engages me then i switch to s to get the tackle. outside runs are a lot easier to get big coins.


way 4 - select your mlb, your mlb is not going to matter. let them run the play. when your mlb gets blocked, keep still. your free safety will then approach the hb close to the los. then right at that moment he's about to tackle him you tap the switch button for user coins! note that: pressing the switch button too early will result in a burnt toast safely, clicking too late will only earn tackle coins. right as he's about to touch him smack that switch button with anything even your left nut will do.


way 5 - use the safety first and run him forward basically in line with the mlb then switch back to your mlb the safety will block the fb and u have a free run at the hb. sometimes the mlb with block but the safety with chase the hb and you still get decent coins since it's only with 5 yards of scrimmage at the last second you may need switch players to get the user tackle.

way 6 - if you don't like having your mlb pre-sprinting because you don't know what direction the run will be in. you just move your mlb slightly towards the outside of the run if it's an inside run, so the rb cuts inside and usually gets stuck near the training dummies. switch to your ss late so you don't mess up the angle of the tackle. and obviously for the tosses just run outside, but watch your angle so the fb can't block you.


way 7 - here are tow video recorded by esume mut to show you how to beat gauntlet lb pursuit:


choose the right players to beat the gauntlet

first let's start with the players you can use to beat the guantlet, because a lots of players have questions on what players to use when doing the guantlet live event.

1. there is few approaches you can take, if you are looking for a budget piece to beat the guantlet, go with the boy david johnson first off. he has 91 trucking, 95 speed and 99 acceleration, everything is great about this card, he's agility and quick, he can truck any and get to the outside pretty well. what's more, he is afforable to many of you, about 70,000 madden mobile coins cost.

2. if you have a little bit more money, you maybe go ahead and invest in this latavius murray, he has 95 trucking and gets boosted to 97 speed, but base speed 95 is fantastic for latavius murray.

3. if you do at all have the set marshawn lynch, this could be a option, he's a bit slow but his trucking is fantastic, so it depends if you want marshawn lynch.

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