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Get your hands on additional Lost Ark treasures by following these tips. In Smilegate’s MMO, gold is one of the rarest currencies, but it’s essential if you want to trawl the auction house for bargains. Gold is required for some item and equipment improvements as well, but unlike Silver, you can’t get it for free or pay real money to buy it. Farming it, though, is possible. You can learn how to gain gold in our Lost Ark gold tutorial.


Gold From The Lost Ark: What Exactly is It?

Gold’s primary function in the auction house is to serve as money. From equipment to potions and other unusual stuff, other adventurers put up anything you could possibly think of for sale here at the heart of Lost Ark’s player economy.


New Ways to Farm Lost Ark’s Gold

If you consistently complete the daily tasks in Lost Ark, you’ll be rewarded with a steady supply of Gold. Once you’ve reached North Vern at level 50, you’ll have access to these items. While the in-game description of the system is excellent, there is an unique (purple) questline that goes into great length about it. Don’t skip it! Each week, there are a new set of daily and weekly missions that reward unique points, which refresh each week. The amount of money you get depends on the sort of assignment you complete:

2 Points are awarded for completing daily chores.

You’ll get a total of 12 points for each of your weekly activities (this is a lot and you should try to complete these every week). Weekly chores might be lengthy, and you may not be able to finish them all in a single sitting.

You will receive Una’s Tokens when you meet certain point criteria. At the completion of each level, you’ll be given a token for every 25 points you’ve accrued thus far. These tokens may be redeemed for exclusive Lost Ark Gold Chests at Gold Shops. In total, there are three varieties:

Hefty Gold Sack – 200 Gold and either a Thin Gold Bar (of 100 Gold) or a Thick Gold Bar (worth 200) for 80 tokens (worth 1000 Gold).

Small Safe – 600 Gold, plus either a Thin Gold Bar (100 Gold) or a Thick Gold Bar (200 Gold) for 200 Tokens (worth 1000 Gold).

There are three types of gold bars available for the price of 500 tokens: a Thin Gold Bar (worth 100 gold) and a Thick Gold Bar (worth 1000 gold) (worth, 10000 Gold).

Because of the great worth of a Giant Gold Bar, you should always opt for these.


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