How to Become a Better NBA 2K21 Player? 6 Key Tips Bring to You

NBA2K21 has made considerable changes to shooting methods. If you are not going to play the previous version of the game, you will notice some very spectacular changes. The shooting system of NBA 2K21 revolves more around shooting styles, focusing on how individual players actually play. Different styles will increase the player’s shooting percentage differently according to the complexity of the player’s shooting skills. It takes time and patience to learn how to restore your own way to a good game state. If you want to become a better NBA 2K21 player, this is what you need to know.

How to make good performance in NBA 2K21

1. Know how to shoot
Instead of the green meter that existed in the previous title, you must now shoot regularly and release the Pro Stick or Shoot button at different times, depending on where you are on the court. Learn about the court, understand how it feels to shoot from different places in the arena, and realize that you will never shoot the same twice.

2. Turn off the light meter
Don’t you like the one above? Enter the option and turn off the new shooting instrument, you can focus more energy on the jump of the player. If you decide to turn off the meter, make sure to release the Pro Stick (or the shooting button) before the best time is reached.

3. Know the hot zones
As the new shot putter faces greater challenges, learning the player’s best shooting area is essential for successful shots. Enter the freestyle meeting of 2KU, view its popular area (TouchPad on PS4) by pressing the relevant button, and spend time learning where players might score points. The red and blue areas are shown in D, and these areas highlight where you are most likely to succeed.

4. The badge is life
Another key factor for success is to understand the player’s badge and choose the correct badge when upgrading MyPlayer. Going to the neighborhood court first is a difficult task, especially when building your statistics, which is restricted by the VC (virtual currency) wall. By playing games in MyCareer and “Neighborhood”, you can earn points in different fields such as shooting and game making.

5. Shoot clean
In NBA 2K21, if you try to shoot while being tightly guarded, you will find that your possessions are robbed and your shot is intercepted. Do everything possible to stay away from the defender, and your shots will be more successful. Click L1/LB and let the friendly players provide you with a screen to better allow you to set yourself up.

6. Defend bravely
Whenever you lose a ball on the offensive end, press L2/LT to turn your back to the defender and defend. This allows you to catch the ball with a lower chance of turnover. L2/LT can also play a miraculous effect on defense, because it allows you to defend with higher intensity, so that you can stay close to the ball carrier and the player who needs to put pressure on it.

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