How To Farm & Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold

The money of the game, Lost Ark gold, is mostly exchanged between players, but it also plays a role in certain of the game’s equip upgrading mechanisms. All characters on a player’s account share this currency, and it is not connected to a single Lost Ark server. Silver, the major free in-game money, is a lot easier to come by. In this Lost Ark gold farming guide, we are going to share the best way to get or buy cheap Lost Ark gold.

Methods for Harvesting Gold in the Lost Ark
From the very beginning, Lost Ark provides you with many ways to gather gold, one of which is as simple as going about your regular routine. A few of the greatest and most practical methods to obtain gold in Lost Ark are provided in this section.

Raids must be completed
Weekly Abyss raids are a good place to grind. One of the Abyss raids is the Argos raid. It can be completed in a single sitting. Upon finishing each of the three stages, you’ll be given a little amount of gold. The prize for completing all three stages of Argos raids is 3300 Gold. To get even more gold, you may participate in Legion Raids. Valtan and Biackiss may be completed with regular difficulty and you will get a reward of 3300 gold.

Tokens of Una
Keep coming back every day and week to earn Una Tokens. When the progress meter reaches 100%, head to the left-hand side of the screen and claim these prizes, which include gold caskets and the like, from the Gold Merchant in any large town.

Amass Works of Art
The so-called masterpieces may be found and turned into gold in the Lost Ark gaming environment. Completing quests and completing adventure tomes are the only ways to get them. When you show Alfonso on Sunflower Island the 38 masterpieces in Arkesia, he will reward you with 29,000 gold. For the first time, Alfonso will reward you with money if you gather at least 20 masterpieces from his collection (3,000 gold).

Tasks for Una
In order to accept Una’s tasks, you must be at least level 50 with your character and have completed the Northern region. You’ll get Una’s tokens if you complete these unique objectives. Completing missions on a regular basis is possible.

In turn, the tasks reward you with a variety of items and a substantial amount of currency. Speak with Rutaru west of North Vern to have Una’s missions unlocked. After that, there are a total of three guilds that give these tasks, but you have to choose one of them. All guilds, however, have the same set of responsibilities.

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