Nba Live Mobile 2017 Awards Program – Nba Awards Master And Players, Live Events, Sets, Packs

to celebrate the best individual performances of the 2016-2017 nba season with the nba awards, nba live mobile awards program 2017 is live now. bulk of themed new live events, sets, players and 99 ovr nba awards master are released in the game. in this guide, we will show you all the details of nba awards promo in nba live mobile.

the 2017 nba awards was the first annual award show by the national basketball association, which was held on june 26, 2017 at basketball city at pier 36 in new york city, new york.

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nba live mobile 2017 awards program

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards master and players, live events, sets

nba awards mater and players

here is the full list of all nba awards players available on nba live mobile:

nba awards master

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards master

  • 99 ovr lebron james (shooting sf)

99 ovr nba awards master lebron james kicked off the nba awards program, which have a special clutch ability and can be earned on the 27th of june by collecting 5 elite awards winners after they are announced on june 26th.

store legends

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards store legends

  • 99 ovr wilt chamberlain (defensive c)

  • 98 ovr tracy mcgrady (big man sg)

  • 98 ovr chris webber (shooting pf)

  • 97 ovr dell curry (two-way sg)

  • 97 ovr ben wallace (small ball c)


awards show winners

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards winners

  • 98 ovr russell westbrook (small ball pg) – most valuable player 

  • 98 ovr draymond green (defensive pf) – defensive player of the year

  • 98 ovr giannis antetokounmpo (big man sf) – most improved player of the year

  • 98 ovr malcolm brogdon (defensive sg) – rookie of the year

  • 97 ovr eric gordon (shooting sg) – sixth man of the year

  • 97 ovr kawhi leonard (shooting sf) – block of the year

  • 97 ovr victor oladipo (two-way sg) – dunk of the year

  • 97 ovr russell westbrook (two-way pg) – game-winner of the year

  • 96 ovr steph curry (small ball sg) – assist of the year

  • 96 ovr russell westbrook (big man sg) – best style

  • 96 ovr kevin durant (shooting pf) – playoffs moment of the year

  • 96 ovr klay thompson (two-way sf) – performance of the year

awards show finalists

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards nominees

most valuable player nominees

  • 96 ovr russell westbrook (shooting pg)

  • 96 ovr james harden (big man sg)

  • 96 ovr kawhi leonard (small ball sf)

defensive player of the year nominees

  • 95 ovr draymond green (small ball pf)

  • 94 ovr rudy gobert (big man c)

  • 93 ovr kawhi leonard (two-way sf)

most improved player nominees

  • 94 ovr giannis      antetokounmpo (defensive sf)

  • 83 ovr nikola jokic (two-way pf)

  • 82 ovr rudy gobert (shooting c)

rookie of the year nominees

  • 83 ovr dario saric (shooting pf)

  • 82 ovr malcolm brogdon (small ball sg)

  • 81 ovr joel embiid (two-way c)

sixth man of the year nominees

  • 82 ovr lou williams (shooting pg)

  • 81 ovr andre iguodala (big      man sf)

  • 80 ovr eric gordon (defensive      sg)

fan vote players

performance of the year nominees

  • 96 ovr devin booker (defensive sg)

  • 95 ovr james harden (small ball sg)

  • 94 ovr russell westbrook (big man pg)

  • 93 ovr klay thompson (two-way sg)

block of the year nominees

  • 95 ovr kristaps porzingis (two-way pf)

  • 94 ovr hassan whiteside (small ball c)

  • 92 ovr kawhi leonard (big man sf)

assist of the year nominees

  • 95 ovr nikola jokic (two-way c)

  • 94 ovr draymond green (shooting pf)

  • 93 ovr steph curry (shooting sg)

  • 92 ovr chris paul (defensive pg)

game winner of the year nominees

  • 94 ovr kyrie irving (defensive pg)

  • 93 ovr russell westbrook (two-way sg)

  • 82 ovr tyler ulis (shooting pg)

playoffs moment of the year nominees

  • 94 ovr kevin durant (defensive pf)

  • 92 ovr john wall (two-way pg)

  • 91 ovr isaiah thomas (big man pg)

best style nominees

  • 91 ovr russell westbrook (small ball pg)

  • 83 ovr dwyane wade (defensive sg)

  • 80 ovr iman shumpert (two-way sf)

dunk of the year nominees

  • 83 ovr victor oladipo (two-way sg)

  • 82 ovr larry nance jr. (shooting pf)

  • 81 ovr zach lavine (small ball pg)

to help you get these nba award players, ea sports release new live events, sets, packs and new nba awards objectives to complete.


nba awards live events

both an easy and hard version of the live events that provides rewards based on difficulty are added for nba awards. you can play these live events daily to earn nba awards envelope collectibles that can be used in sets.

mvp award (easy): cost 3 stamina & reward 1 nba awards envelope

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards live events - mvp award

mvp award extreme (hard): cost 5 stamina & reward 3 nba awards envelopes

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards live events - mvp award extreme

nba awards sets

3 new sets you can complete to win nba awards players

players: turn in players and collectibles from the nba awards program to earn gold and elite nba awards players

master: collect 5 nba awards elite winners to earn 99 ovr lebron james with the clutch special ability

objectives: turn in collectibles from completing daily objectives to receive nba awards packs and players

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards sets


nba awards packs

during the nba awards program, there are various nba awards packs for sale on store, which feature nba awards collectibles, players and items.

nba live mobile 2017 awards program - nba awards packs


nba awards objectives

new and improved daily objectives are offered for you to complete and earn exclusive nba awards content.

complete daily objectives to win a gold objectives collectible. collect 5 gold objectives collectibles to earn a special nba awards pack.

complete all daily objectives to win an elite objectives collectible. collect 7 elite objectives collectibles to earn an elite nba awards finalist player.

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