Path Of Exile 3.6 Multi-Unleash Chain Fireballs Build – Easy To Explore Synthesis League With Best Fireballs Build Poe

in this path of exile 3.6 build guide, we cover the new skill multi-unleash chain fireballs! here we will present a beginner guide for all content of multi-unleash chain fireballs build poe 3.6, including multiple unleash with 2x fireball setups + chain and flame surge. could be way more damage with more investment. this is inquisitor, so it is pretty simple to swap to other skills. 

path of exile 3.6 multi-unleash chain fireballs build

path of exile 3.6 fireballs build guide – best build to use in poe 3.6 synthesis

here is several selected poe 3.6 multi-unleash chain fireballs build with a brief introduction and items recommended, more poe 3.6 builds would be updated on

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armor: you don't even need good body armor, because it's only one unleash setup of course spell create body armor would be nice, but it's definitely not required even without it. i reach over 87 percent effective create chance without any power charges, but i am using increased critical strike chance support gem which is not the highest damage gem. in my body armor i have fireball link live unleash increase your constructions control destruction combustion and gmp which i do is far to slaughter projectiles again single target, however if you get the boss next to the wall, you should still use gmp because you can shotgun and all of those explosions would overlap, if you can make the boss stand next to a wall which doesn't happen against shaper or burt elder fight and it doesn't work with the first of all.  


for my next multi-unleash chain fireballs build setup, i have this weapon that i crafted myself in fact decent suit of fire link pepper may be a bit more expensive and i just use italic fossils to get soccer dad skills deal 4% more spell damage, and i lucked out and got the critical strike chance as well, and in this setup i have another fireball linked with gmp and unleash and this setup has flattened this damage band 16 setup, and i swap gmp to slaughter project calls again set and single target.

multi-unleash chain fireballs build setup

helmet: next i got a helmet from previous build with a mallet and a lot of physical damage, dispels physical damage, dispels of course is not ideal for this, but i just didn't want to buy a new helmet. how i have only a bit of physical damage, but i still managed to kill myself in the efi's reflect maps, so the helmet could definitely be replaced and you could get much better helmet if you can get emulate less concentrated effect. – links: and in my hammett i have flame search link to unleash the mental focus and concentrated effect and for flame search you have to ignite or burn enemies before you use it first of all, because flame search does more damage against burning enemies, and secondly emulate only works against burning enemies and of course flame search does the most damage despite being on a suit of 5 linked and well actually.

ring and snake: you can just swap snake bit to the left and right ring slot and have even chain or fork, i prefer to see chain instead of fork and it lags a bit less, so i always keep snake bit in the right slot and the ring itself does give a bit of spell damage and some cast speed while my other ring is just life a bit of fire damage and resistances. 

belt: belt is also pretty decent life resistances and genetic damage crafts or jewels, you want life and then some kind of damage, if a critical strike multiplier spell damage all flat fire damage spells shield nothing special spell damage critical strike chance for spells some life boots as well life and some resistances, and in my boots i have gas wind damage taken level 1 link the spirit offering immortal call, and feeble spirit offering is just to destroy corpses, it works wonders against the porcupines previously only had immortal coal and i was constantly dying two porcupines and i have yet to die two porcupines after i added spirit offering.

passive tree 

passive skill tree is pretty generic great passing i guess except that i do not use power charges and i don't really need mana because i have average battery and i do have 200 flat es region per second, so all you need to do is to get a bit of es region and all of your mana issues will be solved that is of course after uber lap because first i got inevitable judgment and then went for the pious path and from templar starting area, i traveled all the way around to the shadow area to get those you secret nodes and of course a bit more life, if you don't have enough gas speed it may feel especially sluggish before you do open lab or you may even decide to not take elvish battery and blade with your mana and instead of pious path. you may want to take algorithm penitents and instrument of virtua, l but that would require you to attack or use some movement ability like shield charge leave stem cooling blades and i did not like that kind of approach, so i went with the pious path, but pious path basically gives the same amount of cat speed of course you have less damage than you would have if the algorithm of penitence, but also being immune to mental ailments while unconsecrated ground which is always is very nice.

passive skill tree