Path Of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Flashback Event Tips & Buy Cheapest Poe Currency And Items On Goldkk.Com

as you know, path of exile 3.6 flashback event has launched and run with the synthesis league at the same time, then how to start the poe flashback event and what should notice? here we will introduce some poe 3.6 flashback event tips for gameplay and where to buy the cheapest poe currency and poe items to save your time and money, level up faster.


path of exile 3.6 synthesis flashback event tips & tricks – what should you know?

1. check out the poe synthesis flashback event details.

the poe 3.6 flashback event started from 9 am may 11, 2019, and will end at 10 am june 4, 2019 (nzt). you can continue to complete your challenge in poe synthesis league. there are different mods from 11 popular previous path of exile leagues, every three random mods will be activated at once. in addition, you are able to get rewards once you reached a certain level in the flashback event, like glimmerwood mystery box, you can win more than one prize per account. poe 3.6 flashback event support standard, hardcore, standard ssf and hardcore ssf versions on pc, ps4 and xbox one. each version flashback event will have its own demigod's immortality rewards to players who rank high in ladders. it's a great time to try ssf in path of exile 3.6. the mods and prizes details please check out the official website of path of exile.

2. make your poe synthesis atlas strategy.

how to approach the atlas fast? which map can choose to farm? moon temple map, vaal pyramid map, volcano map and more poe maps are great choices to shape and make your reach the atlas fast. if you want to run purely shaped maps, you can choose 3:1 vendor on your shaped maps to obtain next shaper’s orb until you get all that you need, doing one on the left side of the atlas is relatively easy and fast. choose the best poe 3.6 flashback atlas strategy beyond your want!

3. reroll great poe build enabling items.

some poe unique items can give you certain grants and profits on your items and skills, more importantly, they can build a decent gear, which is helpful to the builds. rerolling does not take too much time as well. 

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4. use your poe currency in the right place.

you don't want to use all your chaos orb and other path of exile currency all the time but you really need upgrades, choose better poe items and use your currency in the right place. click here to check out some great items to farm and the best way to farm in the game. 

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